Relationships. Leading. Transformation.
Relationships. Leading. Transformation.

New to the community


Keegan Lenker, Lead Pastor

A Message from Pastor Keegan & Jayme Lenker

Welcome to the Gig Harbor Church of the Nazarene!
The hope of this church community is that those who worship here would sense God’s presence. That all would experience the love of Christ through the people, music, fellowship, and the hearing of God’s Word.
The people of the Gig Harbor Church of the Nazarene have three values that shape the understanding crucial to its identity:

Relationships (Christian) – The first and foremost important relationship is one with Jesus. At Gig Harbor Nazarene it is believed that only through the death and resurrection of Jesus do we find salvation. That relationship sets the standard within the hearts of believers that helps navigate other relationships in the world both within and outside the walls of the church building.

Leading (Missional) – The people of Gig Harbor Nazarene are convinced of the call to “go.” As the Lord leads, that call moves the people into their homes, neighborhoods, schools, places of employment, and the uttermost parts of the world globally. By going, the message of Jesus is lived out as an invitation for people to experience a relationship with Jesus.

Transformation (Holiness) – When the world was broken through original sin, a separation was created between humankind and God. Since that brokenness, wholeness of relationship is the movement forward. As people experience Jesus and His forgiveness, that movement toward wholeness is put into motion, It is exciting watching a new life come to Jesus. The hope of wholeness and restoration. It is just as exciting to watch God continue His work with those who follow Him. As transformation is happening, it is leading His followers to being set apart for His work in the world.

Thank you for expressing interest in the community here.
May the peace of Christ overflow in your life as you seek to follow His leading. You are loved!